About Us

Stellar Migration were founded in April 2014 to help people get positive visa outcomes in Australia.

Over the last three years we have assessed thousands of cases, including skilled migration, employer sponsorship, partner visas, parent visas, resident return visas, and various more challenging cases, such as visa refusals and appeals.

We take pride in our dedication to our clients. We always do our best to lodge the best application, to give our clients the best chance of success. We will work nights and weekends if necessary to meet deadlines.

We love what we do. Finding someone a pathway to migrate to or stay in Australia is both challenging and rewarding. We know that a positive result can be a life changing experience, and a refusal can be heartbreaking.

We are ethical, so won’t take cases where there is no realistic chance of success. While hearing that you have no options might not be the news you want to hear, we think it’s better to know the truth, than to waste your time and money chasing a hopeless dream.

All of our team have migrated to Australia, and understand the challenges and rewards of migration on a personal level.

Our fees are in line with industry standards, we think we offer great value considering the high level of work we put in to every case. While we can’t work for free, we do try to assess each case and quote according to the level of work involved, and we do offer payment plans to assist clients with the costs.


Southbank Promenade_4Elena Krasnova, Registered Migration Agent #1572978

Elena is our resident migration expert, her role is to assess cases for clients, and to lodge visa applications.

She has a background in IT Project Management and Library sciences, which have given her organisational skills and an attention to detail that have proved very useful in migration.

Elena is originally from Minsk, Belarus. She migrated to Australia in 2011, and having applied for her Citizenship in Australia she is just waiting for it to be approved!

Elena speaks both Belarusian, Russian, and English, and can also understand various related languages, such as Ukrainian and Polish. She also has some very rusty German language skills.


With GandalfChris Peck, Business Development Manager & Registered Migration Agent #1799662

Chris has two roles in the business. Initially he was working as just a Business Development Manager, but after completing his course in migration law he is now a Registered Migration Agent as well.

Chris has a diverse background, including 12 years in the video games industry as a game designer, creative director, and director, as well as being a founder of 5 different start ups, and having had miscellaneous other jobs in the past.

His official qualification is a Bachelor Degree in Ancient Civilisations of the Mediterranean and Near East, it’s a very long title for a very interesting but utterly useless degree!

Chris migrated from Scotland in 2012, and became eligible to apply for Citizenship in Feb 2014. He speaks Scottish, English, and has some very rusty French language skills. He also knows a minimal amount of Swedish, which proved utterly useless in Sweden where everyone spoke perfect English.

When in doubt he uses Google translate as his translator. He loves cats…


Registered Migration Agents

If you want to visit or stay in Australia, or sponsor someone to visit or stay in Australia, you can get help with the visa process from a registered migration agent.

Only registered migration agents can legally give immigration assistance in Australia. To do this, they must be listed on the Register of Migration Agents, held by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Immigration assistance (under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958) is when a person uses or claims to use knowledge of, or experience in migration procedure to assist with visa applications or other visa matters by:

  • preparing, or helping to prepare, a visa application or other document
  • advising about a visa application or visa matter
  • preparing for proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter
  • representing in proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter

A registered migration agent is obliged to act in the best interests of their clients. The professional standards and obligations are administered by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

The Migration Agents Code of Conduct is set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of agents.