Can you give me free advice?

This is a tricky one for us. The short answer is yes, BUT, please be aware we deal with multiple calls and emails every day, and we have paying clients who always come first, so if you want free advice you will need to wait till we have free time.

If you need urgent answers or have a complex situation then you need to consider paying a fee to retain us to do some research or work on your behalf.

Can you find me a job?

Unfortunately no. We have our hands full with the DIBP, assessing cases, lodging visa applications, and responding to DIBP requests for further information. It’s up to you to find a job.

Is our information Confidential?

Everything you tell us is in confidence. We will not share your information with anyone.

It’s important for you that you tell us all information that may effect your visa, for example if you worked illegally or committed a crime. If we don’t know about it we can’t advise you of the consequences.

If you are a company then we will need to know some of your financial information to represent you. This information is held in the utmost confidence and will never be shared with anyone except with the DIBP when required for your application.

What’s the difference between a Registered Migration Agent and a Lawyer?

To give migration advice and to lodge applications on behalf of others you need to be a Registered Migration Agent (RMA), unless you are a lawyer, or you are outside of Australia.

Lawyers are allowed to give migration advice and lodge applications.

However, Lawyers are not required to study Migration Law to give migration advice, while all Registered Migration Agents are required to study Migration Law and pass an exam, and to work supervised for 1 year before they can register as an agent.

Put simply, you are better protected, and more likely to get better advice, with an Registered Migration Agent than with a Lawyer.

Will you take any case?

The short answer is no. Not only are we bound by the code of conduct, we have our own ethics.

We will not work on a Partner Visa when the relationship is not genuine, which is why we always meet couples we work with.

We will not take a case if we believe there is no chance of success. Again, this is governed by the code of conduct, Migration Agents are not allowed to lodge vexatious applications (ones with no chance of success).

Do all Migration Agents follow the code of conduct & our ethics. No…they should, but unfortunately there’s definitely some highly unethical Agents out there!

Why should I used a Registered Migration Agent to lodge my application?

There’s many reasons to get a professional to lodge your visa application for you, including:

  • reduced risk of refusal – and thus wasting your time & money.
  • increased speed of approval – by submitting approval ready applications.
  • less stress – wondering if you are doing it correctly, and whether your visa will be refused.
  • less time – while you can spend hours searching the internet and reading forums, we use our experience and access to the legislation to do it right first time.
Why do your invoices & bank accounts say your company is called Insane Gorilla?!

That’s a good question, with a long answer!

The short version is the company was founded for a different industry (video games), and then rather than start a new company when we began trading as migration agents we just used the “trading as” option to trade as first Bravo Melbourne, then Stellar Migration.