Stellar Migration offer a range of services for private individuals and for companies.



The first step in any situation is to assess your case. This could be:

  • Assessing whether you qualify to apply for a certain visa.
  • Assessing whether your company can be a sponsor, or can sponsor a specific individual.
  • Assessing whether you can prove you meet the requirements for a visa.
  • Our assessment may drive us to create a migration strategy for you, or enable you to move forward with an application for a visa.
  • We usually run through all the ways to get to PR, if that’s your end goal, and aim to help you be informed and make informed decisions about your future.


Migration Strategy

We will assess your situation and create a migration strategy for you. Every case is different, so we can create a strategy that works for you.

  • Our advice may be that you have no options, which may help you avoid wasting time and money pursuing paths that aren’t going to lead you anywhere.
  • We may suggest that you need to study, and that in turn may open up more options.
  • We may suggest that you can run a range of options in parallel, such as working on a 457 while also working towards skilled migration.
  • We may suggest that you need to accumulate more time to apply for a Partner Visa, or that you need to do various things so that you tick all the boxes for your application.
  • Sometimes a Migration Strategy has a number of options and pathways.


Lodging Visa Applications

Our core service is lodging visa applications on behalf of individuals and companies.

While most of our work revolves around Partner Visas, Employer Sponsorship, and Skilled Migration, we also work on a range of other visas.

There’s many reasons to get a professional to lodge your visa application for you, including:

  • reduced risk of refusal – and thus wasting your time & money.
  • increased speed of approval – by submitting approval ready applications.
  • less stress – wondering if you are doing it correctly, and whether your visa will be refused.
  • less time – while you can spend hours searching the internet and reading forums, we use our experience and access to the legislation to do it right first time.


Appeals (AAT)

One of our specialties is appeals, they are one of the more interesting and challenging aspects of migration. We can:

  • check whether you have grounds for an appeal
  • assess your prospects of winning an appeal
  • investigate the grounds on which we would argue your case
  • lodge submission documents on your behalf
  • represent you in the tribunal


Ongoing Support

One of the advantages of paying for our initial assessment is that you don’t just get that assessment, you get a Migration Strategy, and we continue to work with you in the future. Essentially we become your personal migration assistants, so you can call us or email us to ask us questions about your case.

In our experience people’s situations change, someone can come to us about one visa, then their circumstances change and they want to change their path. This is why we give an overview of ways to get PR in our initial meeting, so that you can make the most of all the available paths to PR.