Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration is designed to allow people who are offshore and onshore to apply for independent migration to Australia without the need for employer sponsorship.

There’s several key steps to skilled migration.

  • Identify an occupation on SOL or CSOL which matches your qualifications
  • Apply for a skills assessment with a relevant assessing body
  • Pass the points test
  • Lodge an expression of interest for SkillSelect
  • Either pursue state sponsorship, or wait and pray to get invited (your EOI is valid for 2 years)
  • Once you are invited you have a set time limit in which to continue the process

Key points

If you do not have an occupation on the SOL or CSOL then you cannot apply for this pathway

If you have an occupation on CSOL then you MUST apply for state sponsorship as part of the process – if no state is sponsoring your occupation then you are probably out of luck

Each assessing body has it’s own requirements, and there are easy pitfalls with each

The points test is relatively straightforward to understand, however there are also common mistakes we see people making when they calculate their own points

Lodging an expression of interest is another relatively simple matter, however any mistake on your points which gets you invited may then cost you your visa and the money you paid for it

State sponsorship means you will need to live in the sponsoring state for 2 years to return their favour for them sponsoring you.

While occupations on SOL do not need state sponsorship, they are free to apply for it (assuming states are interested in their occupation).

Skilled migration does NOT guarantee you a job. However, in our experience having a permanent visa and full work rights in Australia will make it easier to find a job (than for example if you only hold a student visa).